Jun 19, 2020

QSOs via 10 meter FM Repeater

 Polish repeater SR5KP cam in strong this morning ...

Erstellt von: DO1BEN

.. and gave me the oportunity to work several stations on 10 meters. Opening with littele qsb was during the whole morning.
Stations from ON, F, HB9, PA, SP of course came into the log. As well as some german stations.

SR5KP repeater works on 29.680 FM narrow. RX is instaled on observation tower in Kampinoski National Park. 30 km's West from
Warsaw.. RX antennas can be selectedby using CTCSS Tone (127,3) for vertical antenna or without for a 5 el. Yagi.
A very nice and interesting reperater set up.

More information about SP5KP on it's page. A live stream is also availabe:

Thanks to the reperater team for supporting is with this nice part of technik.

Best 73's Ben


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