Mai 18, 2021

10 meter FM wkd via repeaters ...

 this afternoon during a nice sporadic–e opening.

Erstellt von: DO1BEN

Repeaters on 29.650 (HB9) and 29.680 (DL-Munic) came in with 9+(+) signals thi afternoon. Many operators are surprised to hear the FM repeaters.

I made some calls on the Munic reperater so i got several contacts in my log. Opening went direction of G, GW, GI, PA and DL as well. So i could made a contact to a station close to me. Not to close but 40 km direct distance will not work on 10 meters FM.

Some more stations called in and we had a lot of fun operating this way today. Hope we get some more openings like this during sporadic–e saison.

Thanks to all who came back to my call, best 73 and stay safe.

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