Nov 9, 2015

On air on 630 meter band

 first contact on 472,2 khz tonight ...
Erstellt von: DO1BEN

.. with Stefan - DK7FC -.

Vinny has setup a experimental 630 meter band station and made several contacts,

Call signs in the log today: DK7FC, G3KEV, DK6SX/p, DK1IS, OK2BVG and DL7ULF

Station set up:
Ultimate 3S and 50 Watt PA Homebrew
RX1: Funcube pro+
RX2: Elecraft KX3 with Ferritantenna
Antenna: Inverted L 12 meters up

Vinny preparing the station.

More information about 630 meters operating is available on Stefan's (DF7FC) entry.

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