Jul 8, 2018

2018 OE – VHF Mountain Tour

OE/DO1BEN/p July 24th until August 17 th ....

Erstellt von: DO1BEN

... in Austria. Base QTH is Turracher Hoehe (Kaernten Area) second QTH is Pruggern (Steiermark Area) on 1.500 meter above see level.

New antenna (HB9CV portable)  is ready to use and the other eqipement is ckecked and new batteries are also ready to use. I am locking forward for for this trip and hope weather will be fine, so that i can acitvate some summits and make some nice QSO's.

Hope to se you all down the logs. More information {cms_selflink page='oe-do1ben' text=' - click here - '} .

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