Jun 27, 2022

Arrivel in Pruggern

yesterday evening. Base stations for VHF/UHF and HF are on air.

Erstellt von: DO1BEN

After arriving in Pruggern yesterday afternoon i ve set up the VHF/UHF vertical.

First local contacts on VHF are made with my Handheld during a first short hike to "Galsterberg Alm".

The vertical for 10 meters is up now and i made some contacts (insie Europe) in sideband and on FT8 with the IC-705 (10 Watts), more or less for testing the propagation. It worked well.

The Beam for 2 meter and the vertical for 15 meters where set fast and are working well..

Thanks to all who picked me up today. And hope to see you all down the logs.

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