Aug 4, 2021

VHF station is shut down

 but HF is running

Erstellt von: DO1BEN

Due to bad weather forecast in my area for the next days i decided to close the VHF station and demount the VHF Yagi as well as the vertical antenna as long as it is dry outside.

Weather forcast expect rain for the next days. To avoide to demount the antennas during rain and store them wet in the car i have shut down the VHF station and demount the VHF Yagi and the vertical without rain.

I did it also with the dipol for 80 meters, so the  big pole for it is prepared for travelling in dry conditions.

Verticals for 10 and 15 are up and operations are running in sideband and FT8, may be until Thursday night, or depending on propagation, until friday morning.

Hope to catch some mor of you for the holiday log.

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