Sep 5, 2021

SOTA activity OE/KT–048

 from Rinsennock today in VHF.

Erstellt von: DO1BEN

We where active from Rinsennock - SOTA OE/KT-048 - this morning. In the sunny morning we hicked up to Rinsennock - 2..334 meters high mountain in Kaernten area, close to Turracher Hoehe - our holiday base QTH.

As we arrived on the summit some clouds came up and also cold wind. That reminds us to hurry up with our activity:

Activity was plandes on VHF sidenband, but unfortunatly i forgot tht there was a contest running this weekend and nobody is interested in SOTA activation, so i changed the antenna (HB9CV) from horizontal to vertical polarisation and we made nice contacts on VHF in FM arrounf 145.500 (usual monitoring frequency). We made also two nicd summit to summit contacts.

As wind became stronger and colder we stareted our hike back. Barbara (DO1IQ) - my wife - joined me on this nice trip on Sunnday morning.

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