OZ0IL - Lolland EU-029


Lolland Island - EU 029

"second edition - 2015"

2015 IOTA activity from Lolland Island. November 5th until 14th. Lolland is located in the south part of Denmark. QTH Locator: JO54QV.

IOTA Ref. of Lolland Island is:( EU-029 ) - Loc: JO54QV.
Ref. for Danish Island Award (DIA) is: SJ-015

Operatorteam 2015: Ben - DO1BEN, Georg - DL3YAT, Josef - DF2KK and Vinny - DL6II.

Live QRG:
Live QRG for the stations was published on QRZ.com. Click OZ0IL.

Live cam:
A livecam has shown the operator at work. New picture every 20 sec. .

Picture of the operatorteam is available here .

We run two station simultaneous:
- Elecraft K3 and Expert 1K as mainstation
- FT1000 with Kenwood TL-922 amp. as second station for CW and diggimodes

All antennas where mounted directly at the waterline:
- vertical (bigIR) with 60 groundes radilas for 6 - 80 meters and a
- wire beam made by foldingantennas with 2 elements for each band (6-20 meters)
- dipoles for 40, 80 and 160 meters
- vertical dipole 2x7,5 meters, line feeded with balanced tuner (for second station)

The wire beam was mounted on the 10 meter crank tower from our old VW-Bus (from former german radio police).

The QTH and the antennas are located very close to the Baltic Sea. There is a Lighthouse on the island. World Lighthouse on the air (WLOTA) reference LH 2773.
After our good activity in 2014 we decided to go for a "second edition". Andy DL5AND - teammember in 2014 - can not join in 2015. But we welcome Josef - DF2KK - in the 2015 Lolland Team.

Pictures are available on Georg webpage. He is our fotograf and well expierenced.
Pse click here for pictures on Georg's webpage.

QSL Information: pse QSL via DO1BEN - we will answer all incoming cards. Bureau (preffered) or direct via Ben Joerdens, Hermann-Stehr-Str. 41, 51067 Koeln, Germany

2014 QSL card preview is now availabel here - click for larger pict - .

Thanks to all who came  back to our cq calls.


2014 we run a very nice simular activity from the same place

In the past we run several activities from Lolland Island as OZ/DO1BEN.

2011 and 2010 together with DO1IQ - my wife Barbara
2009 and 2008 (March and October) - also with Barbara as SWL
2006 together with my good friend Uli - DD3EU

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