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Welcome to our webpage. Barbara (DO1IQ) and me Ben (DO1BEN) live in Cologne. We run most of our activities together. Home QTH is Cologne (Köln) Loc.: JO30mx.


Austria mountan activity from Pruggern is running..
Date is 2024, June 29th unitl July 26th

Austria mountain activity live operating frequency if TRX is on:


Online log (for my homecall only) is availabe on HAM office page – click here – and see the last contacts.

My VHF monitor frequency in Ausria is145.500 MHz

2024 – OE/DO1BEN – Austria VHF and HF mountain activity will run from June 29th until July 26th. QTH is Pruggern (Steiermark area). On VHF we will make some activities from several summits arround and from our Base QTH in Pruggern. hope to see you all down the logs. For more information please click here – .

2024 – PD/DO1BEN – Texel Island – IOTA Ref.: EU-038 – spring time activity ran from May 14th until 26th. Operation was again in sideband as well as in FT8/FT4 mode on 10, 20 and 40 meters and some VHF.  More information in the Texel Island section of this page. Pse – click here –. Thanks to all who gave me call.

2023 – OZØIL – activity with friends in “International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend” from “Kegnæs Lighthouse” near Sonderburg in south Denmark at August 19th/20th. For more information please – click here – .

PD/DO1BEN – IOTA activities from Texel island  IOTA Ref.: EU-038.

2023 – IOTA activity
from May 22nd – June 1th. and August 28th – September 7th
2022 – IOTA activity from April 25th – May 8th and 2nd one from October 3rd – 13th.
2021 – IOTA activity from October 9th – 21st
2020 – IOTA activity
from September 19th – October 1th and October 12th – 22nd.
2019 – IOTA activies from April 13th – 20th and a second one October 12th – 20th.
2018 – IOTA activity from October 13th until 21th.
2017 – IOTA activity from October 27th – November 4th and April 15th until 20th
2016 – IOTA activity
from October 8th until 15th.
2015 – IOTA activity from October 5th until 11th. 
2014 – IOTA activity from October 3rd until 12th. 

Call was always PD/DO1BEN. Main activities where in sideband operations as well as in digimodes on 10,20 and 40 meters. More information in the Texel Island section of this page. Pse – click here – .

2023 – OE/DO1BEN – from July 16th until August 10th. QTH was Pruggern (Steiermark area).

2022 – OE/DO1BEN – from June 27th until July 15th. QTH was Pruggern (Steiermark area).

2021 – OE/DO1BEN – activity was from July 10th until August 5th. QTH Pruggern (Steiermark area), Second activty, VHF only, from September 3rd until 13th. QTH was Turracher Hoehe (Kaernten area).

2020 – OE/DO1BEN – due to Corona travel restrictions there was no activity in summer 2020.

2019 – OE/DO1BEN – activity from Austria. First part (July 23rd – 27th) from Turracher Hoehe. Second part (July 28th – August 16th) from Pruggern (Steiermark area).

2018 – OE/DO1BEN – VHF portabel activity again from Austria. First part (July 24 – 27th) from Turracher Höhe. Second part was from July 28th until August 17th from Pruggern (Steiermark area).

2017 – OE/DO1BEN – VHF portabel activity from Austria. Base QTH was Pruggern (near Schladming) in Steiermark area. Activity was from August 12th until 18th.

2016 – OE/DO1BEN – VHF portabel activity from several summits in Kaernten and Vorarlberg area. Activity ran from July 18th until 29th. We visited several summits.

2015 – OE/DO1BEN – Summer activity run from July 29th until August 9th. QTH was Turracherr Hoehe in Kaernten arrea. Located on 1.700 meters above see level. QTH Locator: JN66WW. Activity is vaild for “World Wide Flora & Fauna in amateur radio” programm. Ref.: OEFF-094

2014 – OE/DO1BEN
summer activity was from July 31th until August 14th. QTH was Gaschurn, a small village in the Montafon area, located on 1.000 meters above see level. Vorarlberg / Austria. QTH Locator: JN56AX. Tnx to all who gave me a call.

2017 – 9A8BEN – we where active again from Murter Island, July 20th until Augsut 1th. QTH was in the small village of Jezera. Same place as the years before.

2015 – OZØIL Lolland Island – IOTA Ref.: EU-029 – activity was from November 5th until 14th.

2014 – OZØIL Lolland Island activity was from November 6rd until 14th.

2006 until 2011 – OZ/DO1BEN and OZ/DO1IQ. activities from Lolland Island ( IOTA Ref.: EU-029 ). We where active in the time from 2006 until 2011.

2013 – LA5O — I was part of the operator team which runs the activation of Austvaegay Island. Austvagya is part of Lofoten Island group and loacted in front of north Norwegian coast, far up in the north. – IOTA Ref.: EU-076 -.

2013 – 9A8BEN – We where active again from Murter Island until August 8th. QTH was the small city of Jezera. Same place as 2012 and 2011.

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