Austria OE/DO1BEN

2024 Mountain Tour (Pruggern / Dachstein area / Steiermark)

2024 we will run some VHF portabe activities from several mountains in Steiermark area. HF activities are from our Base Station in Pruggern (Dachstein area).

Activity is from June 29th until July 26th .

Base QTH – Pruggern, a small village near Schladming, part of Dachstein region in Steiermark area. Altitude is 1.200 meter above see level.

Call sign is OE/DO1BEN and we will be active as /p from several Mountains in VHF using sideband (arround 144,300 Mhz) and FM (Monitoring 145.500 MHz)

I will set up a Base Station for VHF (Sideband and FM) and for HF as well (10, 15 and sometimes 80 meters). HF operating in sideband and also FT8/4. On FT8/4 i use always 10 watt only.

QTH Locator of Base QTH Pruggern is: JN67WJ

Station set-up:
Base VHF/UHF: Radio Yaesu FT-8900 with X200 omnidirectional Antenna

Base VHF: Radio Yaesu FT847 with 5 el. Beam (horizontal).

Base HF: Radio Yaesu FT847 and vertical antennas (10 and 15 meters), Inv. V dipole for 80 meters

Portabel VHF: Radio IC-705 and HB9CV antenna.

Portable activities will be from mountains (SOTA) and some other interesting places in the area

For some pictures please click here:.

For QSL card preview please click here.

Hope to see you all down the logs.


Former activities:

2023 – from July 27th until August 8th. – QTH Pruggern

2022 – from June 27th until July 15 th- QTH Pruggern

2021 – from September 3rd until 13th – QTH: Turracher Höhe (VHF only)
2021 – from July 10th until August 5th – QTH: Pruggern

2020 – due to Corona rectrictions there was no activity

2019 – from July 28th until August 15th. QTH: Pruggern
2019 – from July 23rd until 27th – QTH: Turracher Höhe

2018 – from July 28h until August 17th – QTH: Turracher Höhe
2018 – from July 24th until 27th – QTH: Pruggern

2017 – from August 12th until 18th – QTH: Pruggern.

2016 – from July 22nd until 29th – QTH: Gaschurn (Vorarlberg) 2016 – from July 18th until 22nd – QTH: Turracher Höhe

2015 – from July 29th until August 9th – QTH: Turracher Höhe
Activity is valid for “World Wide Flora & Fauna in amateur radio” programm. (Ref.: OEFF-094) Nationalpark Nockberge. Locator: JN66WW

2014 – from July 31st until August 14th – QTH; Gaschurn
Gaschurn is a small village in Montafon / Vorarlberg area. – Locator: JN56AX – Altitude is about 1.000 meters over see level. I worked in holiday style in SSB and PSK / RTTY on HF.